Already the breaking up has lasted longer than the relationship and provided her more pleasure. Another week of breaking up and this will be her longest relationship yet. I’d rather drink and stay out with friends than be with you, he tells her, I never cared about you and I don’t care about you now. I need some kind of closure, she says. I lied about the job interview, he tells her, I spent those five days sleeping with my old girlfriend. We haven’t tried everything yet, she says. I didn’t sleep with her to hurt you, he tells her, I don’t care enough to want to hurt you. I can’t believe you would lie to me when I love you, she says, if you take that job and leave me it will kill your mother, you love me but drinking confuses you. Go away now and leave me alone or do I have to hurt you, he tells her. This is what I don’t understand about men, she says, always pushing away what’s best for you. We were good together, he tells her. Oh yes we were my love, she says. We were good together because you could take me or leave me, he tells her, and I could take you or leave you. I was more to you than that, she says. I could kill you, he tells her. I’m coming up there right now, she says, we’ll talk this thing out once and for all, you owe me that much. Don’t come, he tells her, I’m drinking tonight and sleeping with my ex. The police are looking for your car my sweet baby, she says, I told them you left here driving drunk, I’ll be there in an hour. Good fuck linding me, he tells her.

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