Dear mother, father dear sisters, dear wife, babies I am not sadness dying. That pain does not kill me. The stronger is making me I am sure when I work too long if I will ever come back. You send me everything from your letters that home is new. You are spending my money I hope. Those people that here alive so long are meeting me have wonders about how I am living without you. They know your face and kind from one picture. Therefore they love you to know what I do. Are you miss me? When Mister Blue of your school will read to you of my new you will know my pleasantness and be smiling but I cry too for night and lonely like you and two babies. Tell me if that friend of your brother still sniffs in to doors. I see him when I close my eyes but with dog ears. There is so much of that is new. My boss and house. Then any man will want me working when I am cheap for my pay. If he can teach me not only English I will write our language then you hang from Mister Blue. This morning although is rain and dark sky shortly windy. I tell my hands to be the shape of lifting again one more long day tomorrow Sunday I anyway am working always. I hear you sing when in open windows I am you listen for morning. This love is my sunshine on my neck whereas I smell you. Work does not kill sadness. Long days if I love you I hear two babies and you tell me you know me and babies remember. They know their father whereas he is not with them. My thank you Mister Blue.

Copyright © December 20, 2007 David Hodges