Sure, we can find your lost classmates and relatives if that’s what you want but our popular service is the reverse. That’s a misconception. You don’t always have to move to make a clean break: most people are easy to shake. As for me, I have a beautiful family and wonderful, supportive friends this time around. At first it felt like sacrifice but let me tell you nothing keeps you from reinventing yourself like the old expectations of others. I had some clingers. My former self had to be disappeared when all else failed but we try simpler methods first. You might only have to become less likable or less reliable, more threatening if you have it in you or less safe; or you could start borrowing money. That’s very proactive. Would you consider marrying outside your faith or inside your gender? What do you mean you don’t subscribe to either? Oh I see you’re joking. Ha. Having a little fun with me. I see why you’re so popular. Let me be frank: yours is not a difficult case. Your profile indicates an already vastly disassociated person. You’re social vapor. It’s just a term. Your few ties could be broken with very little effort. My advice: do less. You think the world demands too much of you, I know, but you’re the one who’s clinging. Consider that. Speaking professionally, it’s hard to imagine anyone seeking you out or working very hard to stay in touch with you. Let the machine pick up, get a new email address and you should be home free. Don’t mention it. Happy to help. Sure, you can try to stop in again but we won’t be here. Exactly. You’re here now but once you leave you were never here. Remember that. Forget everything else.

Copyright © January 11, 2008 David Hodges