This is not my usual business. I’m what my associates call a financial adviser but occasionally I will let out some surplus funds at an agreed return to help a person pursue a dream. This could be college; it could be a night of romance with a special lady, a shipment of cigarettes, or it could be something we all take for granted like walking straight. Now a certain percentage of these persons will encounter difficulties meeting the terms, forcing me to employ tactics. I grant you my judgment is not always the best. The young female my notebook refers to as sxfx was an unwise risk but in my defense, she pretended to love me. On that broken-backed sofa in her studio apartment, I now see she pretended to love a lot of us. This afforded her a certain predictable income, give or take, which prompted me to venture her a sum. Mistake number one. I took little interest in the product she produced but now I have seen a few examples and the trouble with her business plan is obvious. She was making tapes for women when clearly the market is largely men. Anyone will tell you this. Also well known: men are not much interested in professions of love and devotion from the women who star in these sorts of productions. In fact, they’re quite particular about the type of dialogue they prefer. Okay. She told me what I wanted to hear, I lent her more. I should have cut her off early but the tapes hypnotize me. I believe her every time. Her love is clearly sincere. I don’t know where I’ll go to get the money I need next but of all the people who borrow, I can’t say I don’t know the rules.

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