Some of my stuff I want to keep after I’m dead, but Ariel can pick out three things from my toy-box, not three of the same things, like not three ponies, or not even two insects, but a pony and an insect and a piece of furniture would be good, and she can ride my bike when she’s big enough. Then if you could sell the rest of my stuff at the library sale so they can get some better books because the children’s section is so pathetic. You know what I like. I want some books left open on my dresser, or wherever, in case I can’t turn pages, so you can turn them for me whenever you think of it. Tell Ariel to turn them forward, not backwards, if she can reach them. Beasty Boy should get my room unless Mom and Dad have a baby, and he can use my pillow for his bed like he does anyway. If I have any medicine left, I would give it to that boy in the hospital with all the pudding or that girl who cries. Also, I want Colleen to play center forward, but Coach doesn’t think she’s good enough, but if it’s in my will he has to give her my position, I think. And he should quit and let Dad be coach if I can do that. My report card will be good; maybe I can give that to a girl who needs good grades and she doesn’t have parents who help her and they make sure she does her best. Mom and Dad should adopt her so she can live here and finish up my life because they’ll miss me too much if they don’t. And I could watch and see how I turn out.

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